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Juma logistika
Company for services in the field of logistics and transport, Ltd, Leskoškova c. 4, SI-1000 Ljubljana, T: 01 586 22 70, F: 01 586 22 78
 About the activity
 About our company


Warehousing services
  • warehousing of goods
  • pick up and dispatching of goods
  • goods commissioning
  • fork lift and truck services
  • physical unloading and loading of goods
  • other warehousing services by agreement

    Transportation services
  • performance and organisation of land transport
  • organisation of distribution

  • We do the transportation services only for our contract partners.

    Other logistics services
  • advising in the field of logistics
  • business warehousing premises services
  • forwarding services
  • relaying information on goods

    Our vision is to make or become the key part of a quality, reliable and responsive system of outer managing of logistics for medium and small trade companies in Slovenia that are oriented towards domestic and global markets. This will be attained focussing on the customers’ needs, the efficient management of necessary resources and sustainable development in the branch.

    Our mission is to meet the needs of customers in the area of offering complete logistics services, as well as optimizing their operations.

    We are striving for successful partnership with everyone connected with the company; adaptability, reliability, responsiveness and precision, kindness and positive orientation are our virtues for its realization.